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Asset Searches - Investigation of financial facts about individuals or companies, including liquid accounts, real estate holdings, vehicles, and income resources. Useful for creditors and Attorneys.

Business intelligence - Investigations to reveal the secrets of your competitors. Keeps you one step ahead!

Intellectual Property Protection - Investigations to protect your intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc. From sportswear to software!

Surveillance - Using our in-house surveillance teams and equipment, we get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our surveillance techniques and findings are "courtroom friendly".

Background - Investigations to discover significant facts and information about an individual or a business.  For legal, private or commercial purposes.

Pre-Employment - Investigations to protect employers from hiring the wrong person for a position. Can include face-to-face interview, criminal background, driving records, liens, judgments, bankruptcy searches, not to mention licensure & education verification.

Pre-Trial - Investigations to assist Attorneys and to gather facts for courtroom use. We specialize in preparing cases according to the rules of evidence.

Insurance Fraud - Investigations thoroughly examining insurance claims, in cases of suspected fraud, from comprehensive gathering of facts, to the final analysis.

Employee Tracking - We utilize state of the art GPS tracking equipment to ascertain the whereabouts of an employee at any given time.

Missing Persons - We specialize in finding those who do not wish to be found.  We utilize an array of national databases to obtain the most up to date information on an individual.



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