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Professional Investigations is a fully licensed and insured detective agency handling various types of investigations since it's inception on March 17, 1989.

Through the years, Professional Investigations takes great pride in providing its clients with not only a professional work product, but also an experienced team of well trained investigators ready to meet any challenge set before them.  You can expect nothing less then total satisfaction and professionalism from Professional Investigations.

Our staff consist of both full time and part time personnel who are trained in both Criminal and Civil Law, especially as it pertains to the investigator's role in the Judicial Process.

Professional Investigations prepares cases for defense or prosecution including:  recognizing, developing, and presenting evidence that reconstructs events, sequences and time elements for presentation to the trier of facts.

We are trained and experienced with the sequences of Criminal and Civil trial, testifying under direct and cross-examination and familiar with the strategies for excelling as a witness.

Reports are comprehensive, thorough, and may include addenda of supporting documentation, videos, photographs or drawings.

Above all, we are committed to the axiomatic norms of professionalism.  All investigations are confidential and conducted within the parameters and limitations of authority using personal initiative in the management of all cases at a nominal expense.

Talk to us for a free consultation we may save you an enormous amount of money on pre-trial discovery, investigation inquiries, and evidence acquisition.

It is economically prudent to investigate your case before litigation.  If you have an attorney, have him give us a call.



Phone: (954) 600-7116
   Fax: (954) 345-7117        

Email: MarkLongo@proivestigations.cc        

 All conversations, faxes, e-mails and text are kept strictly confidential.         
Agency License # A-8900129         


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