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Professional Investigations has several investigators trained in both Criminal and Civil Law at it's disposal.  We are completely versed in the investigator's role in the Judicial Process and have years of experience in preparing cases for prosecution and defense, including:  recognizing, developing, and presenting evidence that reconstructs events, sequences and time elements for presentation to the trier of facts.

We are trained and experienced with the sequences of Criminal and Civil trial, testifying under direct and cross-examination and familiar with the strategies for excelling as a witness.

Reports are comprehensive, thorough, and may include addenda of supporting documentation, videos, photographs or drawings.

Above all, we are committed to the axiomatic norms of professionalism.  All investigations are confidential and conducted within the parameters and limitations of authority using personal initiative in the management of all cases at a nominal expense.


Monday - Friday 8am-6pm EST        
Phone: (954) 345-7116
   Fax: (954) 345-7117        
Toll Free: (888) 714-0285 (Nationwide)        

Email: MarkLongo@proivestigations.cc         

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