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Through the years Professional Investigations has become affiliated with many other professionals whom we feel have demonstrated the same standards and expertise that our clients have become accustomed to.  

Many of these experts have an incredible dept of knowledge in the areas of evidentiary documentation and forensic photography, which has resulted in substantial settlements and jury awards.

Not only does Professional Investigations utilize their services, but most private attorneys, state attorney's offices and insurance companies also utilize their services as well.

It is with great pleasure that Professional Investigations recognizes the affiliations listed below and encourage you to visit their web sites.

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forensic photography by Robert Wyman 
Wyman Enterprises, Inc.
Wyman Enterprises, Inc. "every case needs a photo" Company Profile.             Wyman Enterprises, Inc. provides expert evidence documentation and litigation...
URL: http://www.forensicphoto.com

Location/Fashion/Fitness/Glamour Photography
Wyman Enterprises, Inc. also provides location photography throughout Florida. Visit the link below for complete information, visit the URL below.
URL: http://onemodelplace.com/robertwyman66/

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Pan American Surveys, Inc - (305) 253-6838
Pan American Surveys, Inc 13380 Southwest 128th Street Miami, Florida 33186 (305) 253-6838. One Stop for your South Florida Aerial Photographic...
URL: http://www.aerialsinc.com/pas/ [ Facts about: Aerials Inc ]


Miles Moss & Associates

Mase & Gassenheimer, P.A.

Louis Thaler, P.A.




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